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Apartment Building


W.C.A.Y., Inc. provides Supported Living Services to consumers that live independently in their own homes or apartment. These individuals require nearly the same daily care services but are not able to or do not want to reside in a Facility. Services for these individuals are on an “As Needed Basis” from 20 hours per week to a Maximum of 744 hours per month (three 8 hour shifts with one Care Provider).     

The Regional Centers usually provide funding for this service. A key element in our Service Plan is to teach self-sufficiency and independence to the best of the client's ability, given his challenges.

Our ultimate goal is to aid in the developmental processes of our consumers, which over time will help with the establishment of confidence in their ability to leave us and move on to a life possessing with the skills needed to live on their own with no or minimal assistance in the areas of:

  • Self-care housekeeping, meal preparation, mobility

  • Communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution

  • Community integration

  • Money Management Assistance

  • Purchase of goods, groceries, and incidentals

  • Payment of debts (rent, utilities, insurance)

  • Banking


W.C.A.Y. services for Supported Living is offered to both male and female

individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

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