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We Care About You (W.C.A.Y., Inc.) Supported Living Services and Adult Residential Facilities, serve Individuals with developmental disabilities (ambulatory/non-ambulatory) from Regional Centers.

Our services include individualized and unique spaces that are diverse and supportive to individuals with barriers in anger management, substance abuse, mental health challenges, and forensic concerns.

Our purpose to improve the well-being of our consumers by providing a safe, comfortable, progressive, and secure living environment. We're also committed to encouraging our consumers to be active and independent members within families and communities.

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W.C.A.Y., Inc. utilizes specialized Adult Residential Facilities (ARF) licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. All ARF’s are in operation 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with consistent care providers on rotation.  Facilities are designed and operated to serve Regional Center adults that are developmentally disabled.

The current level of Facilities are as follows:

1. Level 4-F – Mild/ Minor aggressive behaviors.

2.Level 4-G – Semi Aggressive Behaviors, including property destruction as well as self-harming behaviors.

3. Level 4-I – Increased aggressive behaviors, self-injury, property destruction, forensic involvement.

4.  Negotiated Rate Homes are the most challenging facilities with most behaviors having a higher need for rehabilitation. These individuals usually struggle with Drugs/Alcohol, Anger Management, or Dual Diagnosis with Mental and Psychotic issues; as well as Forensic Challenges.

Basic services for our ARFs include development of our clients Individuals Service Plan (ISP). The ISP can assist in the following ways:

• Modify inappropriate behaviors.

• Assistance with household and cleaning services; including meal prep, personal hygiene and laundry.

• Train to accessing emergency health, dental care & medication instructions.

• Guidance in self-care.

• Money management training.

• Support in engagement in recreational & communal activities.

Our care providers are trained to provide basic behavioral modification strategies from moderate to severe behavioral episodes. A Behavior Analyst implements a behavioral treatment plan based on the frequency and severity of the behaviors observed, documented and reported by care providers.

Care providers keep records of our consumers behaviors, skills training, and objective goals that are reviewed with the Administrator/Manager and the Facility’s Behaviorist. With this information, W.C.A.Y., Inc. provides quarterly and annual reports of an individual’s progress with programs, rehabilitation sessions/classes, competency training, and the individual’s adherence with court orders.

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